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We have merged with Scofield Biblical Institute of Michigan to offer expanded course selections and additional faculty.
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Mal Couch School of Dispensational Theology 


Here Now!
Kindle~ Paperback
"The One Who Is: the doctrine and existence of God"

By Dr. Kenny Rhodes

(an integration of apologetics and systematic theology)

Endorsements by: Ken Samples, Mal Couch, Keith Sherlin, David Seifert


NEW book available on Kindle at Amazon.com

iIi.C.A.M.P on Biblical Reliability: Why You Can Trust the Bible
by Dr. Kenny Rhodes

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(New titles added weekly by Scofield Seminary Press)

Here Now!
"Evangelical Bible Doctrine: Articles in Honor of  Dr. Mal Couch"
 published by Scofield Seminary Press
( Kindle Edition ~ Paperback Available on Amazon)
Contributing Authors:

Paige Patterson
John C. Whitcomb
Norm Geisler
H. Wayne House
Tommy Ice
Tom McCall
Robert Lightner
William F Luck
Timothy Demy

Former Students:

Kenny Rhodes
Keith Sherlin
Don Miller
Dan Woodhead
David Santos
Steve Spurlin
Eric Peterman
John Pappas
George Gunn
Andy Woods
Jeff Helsop
Vern Peterman
Charles Ray
Bobby Hayes

Scofield Seminary is in need of book donations for our library expansion project. If you have commentary sets, works of theology, or appropriate volumes that will help theology and ministry students please consider donating them to us. Email us

Scofield Seminary endorses and utilizes the Puritan Hard Drive (PHD) library.  Use it in your degree program at Scofield.  Order now!

New Theological Blog 
by Dr. Dan Woodhead, Scofield's Exec. V.P.

New Book by Dr. Woodhead
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SCOFIELD Graduate School & Seminary is an internationally recognized distance learning and resident Bible college and Seminary offering Associate, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees.  Scofield  has the following majors at all levels of study.

{Ministry, Theology, Biblical Studies, Prophetic Studies, Dispensational Studies, Creation Science and Apologetics.}

Our Campus in Located at 1483 Mable Ave. in Modesto, CA. Scofield Seminary sits on two acres of property in north Modesto, a city of approximately  290,000 people in a county of about 520,000.

Our Statement of Faith
, by Kenny Rhodes

What is Dispensationalism, by Charles Ryrie



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