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Mal Couch Courses/

Mal Couch School of Dispensational Theology

Earn a "Diploma in Dispensational Theology or Prophecy


"Certificate in Dispensational Theology or Prophecy" (Free) 

NOTE: Not Including Textbooks

  •  All Courses are available for credit within Scofield's undergraduate and FREE Certificate programs.

All LECTURES and/or TEXTS are by Dr. Mal Couch.

Lectures are applicable to undergrad and graduate studies. Graduate level requires NICNT commentaries plus the listed text below.

  • New Testament Greek NTGK 201 (2SCH)
 E-Text: "Original" Summers Greek Grammar
                           NTGK201 Work Book, Mal Couch

Video Lectures: 
Dr Couch teaching his original "color-coded" Greek system in Summers Greek Grammar Ch 1-8 (Mac) (Run Time 4:18:03 streaming .MP4)

Summers Greek 1-8 Windows Media Video (PC) (Run Time 4:18:03 streaming .WMV)

  • New Testament Greek NTGK 202 (2SCH)
 E-Text: "Original" Summers Greek Grammar

Video Lectures:
 Dr Couch Teaches Ch 9-16 in Summers Greek Grammar (Mac) (Rum Time 4:17:00 streaming .MP4)
Summers Greek 9-16 Windows Media Video (PC) (Rum Time 4:17:00 streaming .WMV)

  • New Testament Greek NTGK 203 (2SCH)
 E-Text: "Original" Summers Greek Grammar

Video Lectures:
Dr Couch Teaches Ch 17-24 in Summers Greek Grammar (Mac) (Run Time 4:02:19 streaming .MP4)
Summers Greek 17-24  Windows Media Video (PC) (Run Time 4:02:19 streaming .WMV)

  • New Testament Greek NTGK 204 (2SCH)

       E-Text: "Original" Summers Greek Grammar

Needed Texts and Resources:

Video Lectures:
Dr Couch Teaches Ch 25-31 in Summers Greek Grammar (Mac) (Run Time 3:06:36 streaming .MP4 )
Summers Greek 25-31 Windows Media Video (PC) (Run Time 3:06:36 streaming .WMV)

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Get all FOUR courses NTGK 201-204 (with the Summers Grammar and Greek WkBk)  on a flash drive in HD quality .mp4 files for a donation of $150.00 to the "Mal Couch Pastor's Scholarship Fund." Email for details.
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  • The Book of Acts 

A Bible Handbook to the Acts of the Apostles

Kindle Edition

Dr. Mal Couch



 Book of Acts

Lectures: Dr. Mal Couch

  • Hermeneutics
Text Book:

An Introduction to Classical Evangelical Hermeneutics
An Introduction to Classical Evangelical Hermeneutics

*Kindle Edition*
 Hermeneutics Class Notes and assignments, Dr. Mal Couch

Lectures: Dr. Mal Couch

Supplemental Material

Lectures: Dr. Kenny Rhodes
Lecture Notes: Hermeneutics 


  • Calvinism

Online Text (PDF):
                          Lectures: Dr. Mal Couch
  • Gospel of Mark
Text book:
 Gospel of Mark

                                 Lectures: Dr. Mal Couch
  • Epistle to the Romans

                                  Lectures: Dr. Mal Couch

  • Gospel of John
 Gospel of John

                                  Lectures: Dr. Mal Couch 
  • Survey of Theology II
Major Bible Themes (PDF), Lewis Sperry Chafer
Fundamentals For the 21 Century, Mal Couch

MBT Lecture Notes (PDF), Kenny Rhodes
Lectures: Dr Mal Couch - Dr. Steve Spurlin - Dr. John Pappas - Dr. Don Miller

Lecture 1- Chapters 18-19        Dr. Mal Couch
Lecture 2 - Chapters 20            Dr. Mal Couch
Lecture 3 - Chapters 21             Dr. Mal Couch
Lecture 4 - Chapters 22            Dr. Steve Spurlin
Lecture 5 - Chapters 23-24     Dr. Steve Spurlin
Lecture 6 - Chapters 25-26     Dr. Steve Spurlin
Lecture 7 - Chapters 27            Dr. Steve Spurlin
Lecture 8 - Chapters 28            Dr. Steve Spurlin
Lecture 9 - Chapters 29            Dr. Steve Spurlin
Lecture 10 - Chapters 30         Dr. John Pappas
Lecture 11 Chapters 31-32      Dr. John Pappas
Lecture 12 - Chapters 33         Dr. Don Miller
Lecture 13 - Chapters 34         Dr. Don Miller

Dr. Malcom O. Couch, Jr.
It is with heaviness of heart that Scofield mourns the passing of our dear friend and beloved Vice President Dr. Mal Couch.

“Dr. Couch was one of this generation’s most faithful teachers of God’s Word” Dr. Paige Patterson.

“Dr. Couch was one of the finest theologians and disciple makers of our time” Dr. Tom McCall.

"The body of Christ has lost one of its brightest lights. With indefatiguable  passion and unwavering tenacity Dr. Couch held the line against Biblical compromise. His passion for Scriptural truth and sound Biblical hermeneutics was only overshadowed by his fervor for Christ. Dr. Couch's oft quoted axiom was 'the Bible is dispensational.' " - Dr. Kenny Rhodes


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